Once upon a time, a man visited Lord Buddha and asked him “ What is the price of human life? What is the worth of my life?

Lord Buddha smiled and rather gave him a shining stone and said “First go and discover the worth of this stone. However, do not sell the stone at any cost”

The man got puzzled but without saying anything took that stone and took off to the market. First, he went to an Orange Seller and inquired about the worth of the stone. …

Disclaimer- This post is part of trait-series-for-kids which I began to search and write for my kids in 2019. With this series of blog posts containing knowledge-slash-experience, I pray from the almighty that our kids have a simple but magical life. The contents of the series are the outcome of the rigorous search, several readings and experiences, and self-reflection. Each trait post will end in a mantra to follow.

Dear Filho,

Existence is simple if you want it. Life is enjoyable if you work with it.

One of the major challenges you will deal with as you leave your nest…

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I found this author while googling about top rated writers around the world. Haruki Murakami is a Japanese author. His novels, essays, and short stories have been bestsellers in Japan as well as internationally around the world, with his work translated into 50 languages and selling millions of copies outside Japan.

I have read many novels and books of Murakami, and every time I discover his writings as fresh, raw, and oddly sealed with magic. The sunken feelings of human beings are captured phenomenally in his compositions. His books present the world which seems to be untruly true.

Men Without…

Each small idea that is a bit off from general norms of normality is deemed mad. This choice may not be miraculous…but a definite creator of a little discomfort in the normalcy of everyday life. It may be a destination to dive into the ocean or a modest thought of waking up early in the morning — any slight change is madness in an occurrence at first sight. The conceiver and doer of that shifting idea are labeled mad and her/his act as madness.

Aristotle once said, No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness. When this…

How many times a day do we thrash our words away? We say stuff like, “I hate my hair,” “I’m so stupid,” “I’m such a fool”, and never speculate that these terms attract negative energy into our vibration and affect us not only on a sentimental level but also on a biological level, but they do.

I recently read fascinating facts about words and their power in the book titled Hidden Messages in Water, written by a Japanese scientist, Masaru Emoto.

Emoto says- “water is a blueprint for our reality”. …

I recently joined Clubhouse. Clubhouse app is a modern age Radio-where folk around the world show up together to talk, listen and learn from each other in real-time. I found some engaging discussion rooms varying from literature, cinema, travel, history, sports, mental peace, office politics, parenting, music, and Covid-19, among others. This is an unusual app that has no option to write or upload. This audio-only app hosts live discussions in virtual “rooms”. The users can discuss with each other via audio, with opportunities to participate through speaking and listening. …

What transpired at Auschwitz or any concentration camp during World War II is chastely sickening, vicious, brutalized, and deeply heart-breaking.

Nevertheless, every time I read or hear the stories of survivors, I become fascinated with the catalogs of these prisoners who managed to forgive, discover love, looked for happiness, and somehow dwelled a full, prosperous life subsequently.

This Historical Fiction book titled “The Tattooist of Auschwitz” is based on the mostly true story of Lale Sokolov and Gita Furman, two Slovakian Jews and Holocaust survivors.

It is a story of two ordinary people living in an extraordinary time, compelled of…

Disclaimer- This post is a modest pour-out of sensitivities or rather it is my way of introspection, after hearing numerous elements of violence on women as circulated in various media platforms. We often feel proud in saying that “we have changed as a society and are now more human”, but is it so?

She is strong.

She is empowered.

She is a Devi.

She is the centrifugal point of the world.

These sayings are some of the stinging satire of our so-called modern society.

Many say She has been liberatedfrom whom. She has been freedfrom which conservators. She…

Disclaimer- This book review is majorly a self-contemplation. The personalized meaning derived from the book vis-à-vis life experiences. The quotes are used directly from the book.

This particular read by the famous motivational writer and speaker Robin S. Sharma is, in my view, a decent ( yet a little cheesy!!) book on leadership and personal mastery. The author of Monk Who Sold His Ferrari in this particular book uses a set of acronyms (in fact, a lot of acronyms) to explain the importance of leadership and processes to implement leadership in Business and Life.

The Leader Who Had No Title…

Disclaimer- This is an emotional note of my learning till date and my way of paying heartfelt gratitude to all beings in my life.

It is my birthday morning.

And I have just finished re-re-read of this amazing book “The pursuit of Happyness” by Cris Gardner.

Every birthday this-great-modest-book read has turned out to be a personal tradition. It helps me re-evaluate and re-affirm my life with the thought — I CAN DO ANYTHING!

Today while sitting in far-fledge-never-thought-type-place at Assam and in utterly quiet time, I just can’t stop thinking of the passage from this book-

“The future was…


HR Professional. A soul searcher. A Life seeker. Voracious Book Reader. Fanatic Kindle lover. Mother of 02 toddlers. Active Learner for lifetime.

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